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Of course a monstrous fable

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027.4, abandoned buildings, acute angles, adelaide, aldous huxley, alphabetical disorder, alphabetical order, ambiguity, apocalypses, arbitrary constraints, art supply stores, artificial islands, artificial life, asymmetry, aubrey beardsley, automated creativity, auxlangs, baking, battersea, battersea park, bees, bertrand russell, board games, book covers, brightly coloured objects, bruno faidutti, cake, cake tins, card design, card games, cartography, categorisation, catullus, censorship, chalk, chesterton, chocolate pudding, christopher isherwood, christopher marlowe, close reading, coastlines, common law, conlangs, cray pas, crosswords, cultural anthropology, cyril connolly, darkroom chemicals, decontextualization, deeply nested brackets, deliberate misinterpretation, demanding blackbirds, desire paths, detached narrators, dictionaries, dust jackets, dystopias, editing, endnotes, false antecedents, fatal flaws, finding pens unexpectedly, fire escapes, footpaths, forensic linguistics, games, gaps, gargoyles, gender-neutral pronouns, gentle vandalism, german games, graffiti, guerilla gardening, hating ayn rand, hating chess, hide and seek, hyacinths, iambs, illusions, improvised games, interstices, irregular verbs, jonathan lethem, late afternoon sunlight, lilac, lino prints, logical fallacies, losing pens, makeshift furniture, mechanical devices, milo bars, minor pre-raphaelites, moomins, moreton bay fig trees, mutually exclusive beliefs, neuroeconomics, neuroethics, nineteenth-century coats, not finishing things, orwell, paint charts, pancakes, parentheses, paths, pelicans, pervasive games, philip larkin, playground equipment, plural forms, pointing and laughing, product placement, proofreading, psychogeography, public space, putting things in order, read all about it, reiner knizia, reliable narrators, richard garfield, ruins, sandpit, scansion, scratchboard, self-contradiction, sf by unexpected writers, silly hats, social simulations, summer fruit, symmetry, synaesthesia, tangibility, taxonomies, the anatomy of melancholy, the avengers, the dewey decimal system, the singular they, the smell of paint, the wasteland, thomas love peacock, tom stoppard, translation, triffids, typography, umbrellas, umlauts, undeciphered manuscripts, vafel proizvod, warning signs, woodcuts, word counts